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Dark Disciple Audio Clips: So This is Christmas Audio Clips:
Dark Disciple "Final Battle"
"Disciples Descend"
"Break In"
So This is Christmas "Happy Christmas"
(John Lennon)
Produced & Arranged by JL
Vaneese Thomas and
John Margolis

"Mac Meets Dog"

The Last Godfather Audio Clips: Video Clips:  
The Last Godfather "Godfather Theme"
"Mott Street Boogie"
"Drivin' Outta Town"
"Lonely Road"
"Peaceful Streets"
He's Gone
The Last Godfather: He's Gone

Family Troubles
The Last Godfather: Family Troubles High Noon
The Last Godfather: High Noon
Bump & Grind
The Last Godfather: Bump & Grind

Fumble Bee
The Last Godfather: Fumble Bee

So This is Christmas Audio Clips:    
So This is Christmas "Happy Christmas"
"Mac Meets Dog"
"Need a Little Love"
"Bill and Angel"

End Call Audio Clips: Video Clips:  
End Call "Opening Credits"
"Where's Mako?"
"Knife Fight"
"Nocturne for the Lost"
  featuring Arlene Portney
"Drop Dead!"
"Thème Tragique"
  featuring Arlene Portney
True Love...
End Call: True Love

Whose Fault?
End Call: Whose Fault?
Dear Devil
End Call: Dear Devil

The Plunge
End Call: The Plunge

Watchmen Audio Clips:    
Watchmen "Hallelujah"    

Apartment 1303 Audio Clips: Video Clips:  
Apartment 1303 "Opening"
"Mariko vs. Yukiyo"
"On The Couch"
"Chug Party/Chase"
"Cell Phone"
"Arms & Hair"
Mariko vs. Yukiyo
Apartment 1303: Mariko vs. Yukiyo

Photo Album
Apartment 1303: Photo Album
Apartment 1303: Funeral

The Railing
Apartment 1303: The Railing

David & Layla Audio Clips: Video Clips:  
David And Layla
"Main Titles"
"Layla Approaches"
"Chicks & Goats"
"The Marketplace"
"On The Boat"
"Times Square"
Times Square
David & Layla: Times Square

Chicks & Goats
David & Layla: Chicks & Goats

Layla's Jazz Dance
David & Layla: Layla's Jazz Dance

On The Boat
David & Layla: On The Boat

David & Layla: Proposal

On The Lake
David & Layla: On The Lake

Supernova Audio Clips: Video Clips:  
Supernova "Sunspots/Meeting"
"Cole Sneak Attack"
"Dead Housekeeper"
"HQ Fugue"
"Dead Phone/NIA"
Supernova: Scientists

Supernova: Sunspots

Dark House
Supernova: Dark House

Psycho Stalker
Supernova: Psycho Stalker

Seven* Audio Clips: Video Clips:  
Seven "In The Box"
"Chasing John Doe"
Seven: S.W.A.T.

Seven: Tracey

Seven: Box
Seven: Sloth

Dead Dog
Seven: Dead Dog

Managua Audio Clips: Video Clips:  
Managua "Sur La Mer"
"On The Road"
"In The Church"
Managua: Marta

Road Trip
Managua: Road Trip
Saving Dennis
Managua: Saving Dennis

Pokemon: The First Movie Audio Clips: Video Clips:  
Pokemon: The First Movie "Pokeheroes"
"Lights Out/Sewer Descent"
"Mysterious Invitation"
"Clone Lab Medley"
"Miranda's Tale"
"The Chamber/Ash Triumphs"
Ash and Mew Two
Pokemon: Ash and Mew Two

I Stand Alone
Pokemon: I Stand Alone
Mew Two Descends
Pokemon: Mew Two Descends

Pokemon: Pokeheroes

Susanna Video Clips:  
Susanna Nightime Sky
Susanna: Clip 1
Susanna: Clip 2

That Thing You Do* Audio Clips: Video Clips:  
That Thing You Do "Ambassador Diner"
"Faye's Makeover"
You're late
That Thing You Do: You're Late

Gods And Generals Video Clips:  
Gods And Generals Going Home
Gods And Generals: Going Home

Flood Audio Clips:  
Flood "In The River"

Rooster Audio Clips: Video Clips:  
  "Rooster Rhumba"
"End Credits"
Super's Wife
Rooster: Super's Wife

Truce Audio Clips: Video Clips:  
  "O'Reilley's Face"
"End Credits"
Soccer Match
Truce: Soccer Match

Permission Audio Clips:  
  "Dawn of Desire"
"Hard Lessons"

The Tunnel Audio Clips:  
  "Looking for Eric"
"The Runners"

Fantastica Audio Clips:  
  "The Mime"
"Paris Market"

* orchestrated and arranged by John Lissauer for Howard Shore